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  • Felicia Parks 2:04 pm on December 22, 2014 Permalink
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    Debunking the Myth – Employers Actually Hire During the Holidays 

    You’ve taken your last exam, put the finishing touches on your group project and you’re finally leaving campus for the holidays. But have you applied for a spring 2015 internship or post graduate job?  While many have heard [or were constantly told] that no one reviews your resume, calls you for an interview or offers a job during the holidays – this simply isn’t true for lots of organizations.

    Here are 4 true statements about recruiting during the slower time period of the year 

    1. Not every recruiter is on vacation.  A new year can also equal a new job for candidates that are flexible to interview during the holidays.  While an offer to meet with the employer could interrupt a day or two of your vacation, the December graduate could experience less competition for full-time positions that start at the beginning of the year. Since new clients, projects and business happen throughout the year, employers continuously post in AU CareerWeb, as well as contact the Career Center, about positions they urgently need to fill before the beginning of the new year.
    2. Holidays are for networking.Whether you attend a social gathering with your student organization, are invited to the company party for your seasonal job or feeling like a third wheel at your parent’s corporate celebration, these are great opportunities to network with new individuals as well as update current contacts in a casual and fun environment.  As you connect with people throughout the event, be sure to remember “active listening is key” and grilling any individual with tons of questions may appear desperate.  So bring your business cards, your enthusiasm and possibly add the notepad app to your cell phone so that you can capture individual names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers to follow-up.
    3. An email or postage stamp could lead to a job.  Whether it’s a holiday card, family blog or video that details your year in review, the design could impress the receiver with your skills and lead to a referral for a full-time opportunity.  After you finish designing your holiday greeting, be sure to polish your elevator speech, order your business cards and schedule a few informational interviews.
    4. Remain positive throughout your job search.  While this blogs offers several tips on applying for jobs during the holidays, it can feel overwhelming when family and friends continuously ask about your job search and potential offers. So keep your head up and your nose to the grind stone.

    We hope these tips have been helpful. Happy holidays from your Career Center advising team!

    AU Career Center_2014 Holiday Party

  • John Nunno 9:45 am on October 17, 2014 Permalink
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    When it Comes to Interviews, Practice Makes Perfect 

    You submitted your application materials and secured an interview for a job or internship. Congrats! Now you need to nail the interview. How do you plan on prepping? Let me make a suggestion: start with InterviewStream! InterviewStream is the Career Center’s online mock interview resource you can use to video yourself and polish your interview skills.

    Follow these steps to get started:

    1) Create an account– Account set up takes approximately 14.9 seconds. All you need to provide is your name, email address, and a password (the password must be at least 6 characters and include a capital letter and a number). Create an account now!

    2) Select an interview to conduct– You can select either a pre-made interview created by the AU Career Center or make your own interview by selecting from thousands of questions InterviewStream provides. If you want to make your own, don’t be intimidated by the number of questions. You can search for questions by keyword or browse them by subject.

    3) Complete the interview– This step is straight forward enough- answer the questions! You need a computer with a webcam for the interview. If you do not have a webcam then please feel free to use an interview room at the Career Center. Call us at (202) 885-1804 to check availability.

    4) Review your interview– After you complete the interview it’s time to critique yourself. Click on “Watch My Interview” on the InterviewStream homepage and select the interview you want to review. Use the comment box to take notes on what you did well and what needs to be improved. You can track how many times you used common fillers like “Umm” and “You Know” by using the counter below the video.

    5) Share your interview– You can share your interview to get feedback from an advisor, mentor, or a friend. Click “Share” under the video and send the interview via email or generate a link to share.

    Using InterviewStream is that simple! You can practice for an interview you have coming up or just to keep your skills sharp. InterviewStream even has a mobile app so you can practice interviewing on the go.

    Click here to learn about the other online resources the Career Center has for you.

  • Anna Litman 6:00 pm on November 7, 2013 Permalink
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    Anna’s Pondering the Question of the Week Series: Go with the STAR(R) to be the Star! 

    Last week I met with several CAS students for mock interviews, which pointed me to the question-of-the-week: how to handle a job/internship interview? When I see a mock interview appointment on my schedule, I get delighted and excited because obviously the student’s job strategy and application materials have served their purpose, which is leading to an interview. When you get an invitation to an interview, congratulate yourself on your progress but don’t get too relaxed. “It’s well begun, but it’s only half done.” Only an interview can give you that job (or internship) that you want to get! Don’t let this chance disappear: practice, practice, and practice for the interview! (More …)

  • Anna Litman 8:07 pm on February 26, 2013 Permalink
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    Job Search Etiquette: Common Mistakes, Part 1 

    With the spring semester getting into full swing, your search for internships and jobs is, hopefully, moving to the next, very desirable, phase: from sending out resumes and cover letters to receiving invitations to interviews. Start maximizing your chances of being hired by doing a little self-check of your knowledge and practice of job search etiquette. Today, we’ll talk about 3 common mistakes that you don’t want to make when you are waiting to hear from prospective employers. (More …)

  • Sue Gordon 5:43 pm on January 25, 2013 Permalink
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    Last minute interview? Get ready with our online interview tool! 

    It’s 4:00 PM, and an employer just called and asked you to come in for an interview tomorrow!  This can be great news, and nerve-wracking, too.  How can you prepare with so little time?  Your career advisor’s appointments are booked and you’d really like to practice.

    This scenario is not uncommon, and the great news is the Career Center offers a fun and easy tool to practice answering real interview questions on your own computer- at any time of day or night.  InterviewStream is available to all AU students and alumni simply by logging in to your AU CareerWeb account and creating an InterviewStream account.    All you need is internet access and a webcam.  (More …)

  • Sue Gordon 8:18 pm on June 5, 2012 Permalink
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    Skype interview coming up? Prepare with these great tips! 

    We just love these 5 tips from Simply Hired’s blogger Laura Backes--if you are applying for jobs now, you could be asked to interview by Skype. It’s increasingly common to conduct initial interviews using online video chatting.  This is  especially true if you are engaged in a long-distance job search, but some local employers are opting for Skype rather than a phone interview, as well.     

    Be prepared by reading these tips NOW, because you certainly will want to test it out before the big day

  • Francine Blume 3:34 pm on October 30, 2009 Permalink
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    So What Can You Learn From a Career Center Workshop? 

    Check out this Wordle! It’s made from the “takeaways” students had from SPA Career Advisor Chris Hughes‘ workshop,  Building High Impact Resumes and Cover Letters.

    Chris Workshop 1 Wordle

    And here’s another one from his Values and Networking workshop that he did for Barb Palmer‘s SPA internship class.

    Chris Workshop 2 Wordle

    So when’s your next chance for an AU Career Center workshop? Try Acing Interviews and Salary Negotiations on November 4th at 5:00 in the Butler Conference room. Want to try networking but not quite ready? How about our Networking 101 on November 9 at 6:15 in MGC 3? Then get ready to network at our SPA Student-Alumni Networking reception, open to all, following the workshop.

  • Sue Gordon 3:03 pm on September 8, 2009 Permalink
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    Get the Interview! Acing the Screening Telephone Interview 

    Don’t let this happen to you:   you’re walking on the quad when your phone rings.  You answer it– it’s from that non-profit you just sent your resume to.  Just then, your friend runs up and screams a greeting which reaches the caller’s ears.   Your professional image is officially shot, you are embarrassed and stumble through a few questions.   You’ve just had a screening phone interview, and it may well be an opportunity lost.

    While phone interviews are usually scheduled, sometimes an employer will cold-call you.  This article from the Washington Post Jobs section provides good tips on managing screening telephone interviews– a tool which employers are using more and more to help them cull through the piles of resumes.     But, before you ever get to the interview, remember to only take an employer’s call if you are in a quiet, safe place– and preferably on a landline!

    Read on in “When Home is the Interview Room”:    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/09/05/AR2009090500946.html

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