5 Important Tips for Aspiring Film & Video Editors 

Interested in being the next successful film or video editor?  Many have taken that path before you, including classmates, alumnae and professors, so be sure to learn what tools of the trade were important for their job search.  In the meantime, here’s a quick list of tips that Jordan Maison, a film/video editor with Solid Studios offered for recent graduates sprinkled with a few resources throughout American University.

1) Education your college courses at American University will teach you the fundamentals and offer techniques to edit efficiently.

2) Pick Your Platform – this is basically deciding on the type of program you will try to master, i.e. Final Cut Pro, Avid or Adobe Premier to be successful in editing.  This could be accomplished through internships or training.  Be sure to check out AU’s Office of Information Technology and the online learning library – Lynda.com. Schedules and links accessible through the AU portal.

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