Value of Networking & Using LinkedIn 

Mention the word “networking” and it will send most people running in the other direction. The fear of networking stems from “not knowing how to approach a room full of strangers during an event” or “believing that the recipient of an email request for an informational interview will dub the individual as needy.” Whether in person or through social media sites, networking is the key ingredient to more than 80% of the hires made in the United States.  According to Bob McIntosh on the Recruiting Blog “smart jobseekers attend networking events because they understand that personal networking coupled with online networking will yield better results than spending the majority of their time” on various job boards.

What is Networking & How Do I Use it Effectively?

I work with a team of professional career advisors that teach American University students the value of networking – “making connections and maintaining relationships with people who support you throughout each phase of your career (source:  Our very own School of Communication Professor Chris Palmer and Career Center advisors share the 7 secrets of effective networking* –

  1. Prepare an “elevator speech”
  2. Act with confidence even if you feel shy or intimidated (More …)