An organized job and internship search 

If you’re knee-deep in a job or internship search, you know that keeping track of the positions you’ve applied for can be a challenge. But with just a little extra effort, it doesn’t have to be that way!

One way to keep yourself organized is to create a simple Excel spreadsheet. Here is an example (click on the image for more detail):

This spreadsheet allows you to quickly see a complete list of your applications as well as any updates for each position. If you like more detail, additional columns could include the names, titles and contact information of anyone in the organization you’ve spoken to; links to the appropriate job or internship description; or more specific detail about any follow-up interactions you’ve had regarding the position. You might also link the text in the “application materials” column to the resume, cover letter, writing sample or other document you submitted for the position.

This is only one way to keep track of your job or internship applications. What other methods do you use to stay organized?