Still job searching? Don't dismiss temp work! 

Economists tell us that in any economic recovery, employers use temporary workers before committing to permanent hires.   According to the NY Times, this is even more true in this recovery as temp work continues to grow– up four months in a row.  What is different  in this economy is the increase in temporary workers is lasting longer than in the past, as employers continue to hesitate to commit to a permanent hire.   So, if you are a job seeker who’s avoided temping, don’t dismiss it, and consider the following benefits.

Temping allows you to:

  • Develop new and enhance existing skills- sometimes in surprising ways
  • Build your resume
  • Be employed while looking for that perfect permanent job- always a plus
  • Broaden your contacts and your network- key to a successful job search
  • Potentially be converted from a temporary to a permanent employee
  • Earn a little spending (or rent) money!
  • Get off the couch and impress prospective employers that you are taking initiative

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